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ESCORT TOKYO is a directory of Japanese escort girls.

We will guide you to escort information in Japan.
Guide escort information such as big breasts, ass, cosplay, married woman, sex, etc.
You can find the right escort girls for you!
And I will teach you how to play in Japan escort, how to pay, rules and manners.
It will be a guidebook to play safely without danger.


The most popular escort service in Japan.
When you call the shop, the escort girl will come to your hotel or home.
There are many concepts and working women range from young girls to married women.


This is the oldest service in the Japanese escort genre.
When you enter the shop, there is a bath in the room. The girl will wash your body carefully.
You will be surprised when the service starts.
This is because the techniques of girls working in soap are of high quality.
If you come to Japan and go to the soap, you will be able to become a japan escort master


You will be surprised that there are various concepts.
There are situations such as schools, companies, trains, and cosplay.
You will feel like you are in a Japanese porn site.
Of course, there are also stores with basic services.

LGBT escort

LGBT has only recently begun to be understood in Japan.
Therefore, LGBT escort service is still few.
However, LGBT stores are affected a lot in technique as Japan has an advanced escort culture.
If you are looking for LGBT escort service, please find a safe shop at ESCORT TOKYO.