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What kind of town is Okinawa?

Okinawa is a beautiful area with warm temperatures all year round.
Therefore, there are many tourists, and the island's unique slow atmosphere is very popular.
There are many original cultures such as food, songs and traditions, and there are many repeaters.

[About the Escort genre in Okinawa]

Okinawa is a culture that travels by car.
Therefore, it is an area with many out calls.
The next most famous is In Call. Stores are concentrated in Naha.
In Call goes to the store for service.
It is an area about 20 minutes from tourist spots such as Shuri Castle.
You can get there as soon as you take a taxi.
In call is a different concept for each store, so it's fun!

[About Okinawan girls]

Okinawa is the southernmost area in Japan.
Face type is very cute unlike girls in Tokyo!
The girls who work at Escort are native Okinawan girls, but there are many girls from Tokyo and Osaka.
Because there are girls who work while traveling.
I work while on vacation.