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[What kind of town is Ikebukuro? ]

Ikebukuro is the biggest station in Tokyo.
Many people use it every day because many trains are available.
There are restaurants near the station, and many people gather at night.
On the other hand, there is a place called OTOME Road.
There are many anime shops for women.
Anime with a story that boys love boys is popular.
It is an image like Akihabara used by women.
There is a great atmosphere, so you should visit it once.

[Escort information of Ikebukuro]

If you receive Escort service in Ikebukuro, you are an Escort master in Japan!
Ikebukuro is the area where the most popular Escort Shop exists in Japan.
There are more than 300 shops on the north side of the station.
Therefore, you can search for the genre of the shop and a characteristic shop.
With so many girls, you will be able to find an Escort Girl that fits you.

[About Escort Girl in Ikebukuro]

The girls who do Escort in Ikebukuro are many students, office workers, and housewives.
In addition, many girls living in Saitama are working because of quick access from Saitama.