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《What kind of town is Fukuoka? 》

Fukuoka is located in the northern part of the Kyushu region.
There are many tourists from Asia and there are many delicious restaurants. Ramen is a very famous area.

《What kind of Escort Shop is in Fukuoka? 》

Escort shop in this area is "Fukuoka" area, "Nakasu" area, "Hakata" area, "Kitakyushu" area, "Kokura" area. Nakasu is one of the famous Escort areas in Japan!
There are many genres of Escort Shop. There are no Escort genres that do not exist in this area!

《About girls in Fukuoka》

It is said that there are many cute girls in Japan.
Many Japanese actresses and singers are from Fukuoka.
If you don't want to make the wrong choice, look for an Escort Girl in Fukuoka!