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[Shinjuku city]

Shinjuku is the station with the most users in the world.
There are many office buildings at the east exit of the station.
The west exit has the famous KABUKICHO.
KABUKICHO has various restaurants.
Therefore, Shinjuku is a town with people from morning to night.


Escort information of Shinjuku]

There are many Outcall in Shinjuku.
There are many shops so you can find a girl that fits you.
There is a bar in Shinjuku where you can enjoy breasts only.
You cannot do anything other than touch it. However, you can enjoy various boobs because the girl rotates in a certain time.
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About Escort Girls in Shinjuku]

There are many students and office workers in Shinjuku girls.
And there are many girls with obedient personalities.