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《What kind of city is Tokyo? 》

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a famous city in the world where many people gather.
And there are countless sex shops in Tokyo.

[A hot spot in Tokyo escort! ]

There are many escort shops in the Gotanda and Shinagawa areas. This area consists of three areas: an office, a downtown area, and a residential area. There are many people who use escort at various times, such as after returning to work, going home, and going home.
Outside the Gotanda / Shinagawa area, escort shops are concentrated in Ikebukuro, Kabukicho / Shinjuku, Shibuya, and other areas.

[What is the popular escort genre in Tokyo? ]

Tokyo has many escort shops even in Japan.
The most common type of business is “Out call”! If you make a reservation over the phone, it will be a service that will bring a girl to a nearby hotel or home.
The biggest advantage is that men who are busy with work can easily use it.
Of course, it is an escort genre that is popular with travelers from overseas.
In addition, genres such as erotic massage, Hoteru, and Asian massage are popular in this area, and many people use it every day.
In Tokyo, many girls work at escort, and many non-professional girls such as students and office workers work.

[How to enjoy Tokyo manners]

In Tokyo, there are ideal girls not only in luxury shops but also in cheap escort service shops.
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