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[What kind of area is Roppongi? ]

Roppongi is famous for the places where successful managers play in Tokyo.
There are many tourists from overseas, and there are many shops for foreigners.
Restaurants are expensive.

[Is Roppongi a dangerous zone? ]

Roppongi is a fun city, but it has many incidents.
There are bad people who aimed at those who have money.
Note that they are waiting for trouble.
If you drink and get high, avoid trouble.

[Escort information in Roppongi]

There are many high-end shops in Escort in Roppongi.
The service of the store is excellent because the quality of the users is good.

And because the girls who are aiming for models are working, the level of looks is high.

[About Escort Girls in Roppongi]

Roppongi girls look high-level.
And there are many intelligent girls.
English-speaking girls are not uncommon.
Check out Roppongi if you play with high-level girls!