Escort Genre

Escort Genre

In Japan, the law prohibits girls from using the Escort service individually.
And we get permission from the police and do business.

Beware of girls who do business on SNS.

This page describes the genres of Escort shop in Japan.


Delivery is the main out call, followed by in-call service.

Also, Japanese escort service can enjoy various situations like porn movies.
For example, there are school girls, married women, oils and massages.
It will take several years to get all the services.

And there are many styles of incall.
Fashion health is available in stores.
Soapland has a bath in the shop and has been around since the old days.
Brojob bar makes brojob easy to enjoy.
There is also a BAR where you can enjoy only your boobs.

As you can see, there are many escort styles in Japan.

Please note that no service can have sex.
It is illegal in Japan.
Follow the rules for fun.