Sex in the land of raising star

Sex in the land of raising star

March 10, 2020

Sex in the land of raising star
When we talk about sex, Japan has it all. A full range of call things naughty clubs, bars and spas all
geared towards satisfying the country’s demand. kinky and erotic.
The nation of raising sun, the Japanese surely know and how to get enough of sex and this is reflected
in their extravagant attitude towards the world of fantasy, fetish and the extreme.
In this guide, we discover what makes the sex industry of Japan so exciting and unique, what you can
expect as a visiting tourist and what places Johnny Foreigner (or gaijin) is welcome.
Prostitution in Japan: The Grey Area of Fuzoku
There is no country as exciting for anyone looking for paid sexual services than in Japan…even though
prostitution is technically illegal. The key here is that the Japanese authorities define prostitution as
paying for vaginal sex with anything else being considered a grey area.

With this result, the sex industry pushed every possible boundary to service the demand for a sex
without breaking the law. Having said this, it is well-known that you can get full service in many
establishments but this is plainly not advertised in the public.
What is advertised is the range of groping, masturbation, oral and even anal (technically not breaking
the law) services.
Japan’s Variety of World of Sex
fuzoku is the word, paying for sex in Japan is like being a kid in a sweet candy shop; every type of
conceivable fetish is catered for, and catered for in abundance. It’s not just the big cities like Tokyo
and Osaka (though these are perhaps the largest fuzoku scenes) but also across the country. Regions
like Hokuriku, Kansai and the capital area or even the island of Hokkaido.
Japan nation is home to its own richly diverse and uniquely branded sex trade establishments such as
brothels the soap lands, theme and image clubs. You can just as easily find love hotels as you can
massage clubs, escorts, street hookers and S&M clubs.
With an industry that covers almost 12,000 business venues and one that nets an annual $15 billion
dollars per annum, the sex industry in Japan is big business.
We take a leisurely stroll through the delights you can find in the land of the rising sun.
Japanese Girls
With slender and petite figure highly prized around the world, demure nature and elegant facial
features, Japanese girls (or J-girls) have a special place in the heart of many visiting sex tourists.
Native Japanese prostitutes are different to any Japanese prostitutes you may have experienced in
other countries. Understanding the cultural demands of their fellow countrymen, J-girl prostitutes
know how to turn on local men. Culturally, there is a huge demand for role play in particular with
younger women and school age girls being popular. As a result, many Japanese prostitutes play the
cute and innocent role; both are highly prized and attractive traits in women within Japanese culture.

Japanese girls are trendy and tend to be well-groomed with most, if not all, of their pubic hair shaved.
Underarms and legs will also be closely shaved. Not only does this ensure for good hygiene but also
accentuates the appeal of being a younger girl.
Another quality of Japanese sex workers is the embedded cultural motto that the ‘customer is king’.
Most J-girls take it as a personal goal to perform the very best in customer service, whether they are
an escort, a soapland attendant or a pink salon blowjob girl.
A lot of working girls speak some little English but not fluently. Tourists will find that experiences with
a Japanese sex worker can be heightened if you speak (at least a little of) the language.
Street Prostitutes

Due to the fact that there are plenty of legitimate outlets for earning money from the sex industry,
street prostitution in Japan is not that common. However, there are still pockets of working girls who
earn a living from the streets. It’s worth pointing out that if these women are not in full time
employment with a professional establishment or providing services through an escort agency then it
is likely that they are not the classiest of girls. However, they do offer a budget service.
You can usually find street prostitutes who work train and bus stations as well as around the red-light
area of the big cities; try Tobita Shinchi in Osaka or Yoshiwara in Tokyo.
Variety Treats: The Selection on Offer
It would probably be quicker to list the things that aren’t on offer in Japan when it comes to paying
for sex but we’ve got to start somewhere so, here’s a menu of the kind of treats you can find in Japan.
The escort scene in the land of raising sun is very varied with a lot of foreign women working the big
cities. You can find Asian, European and even South American women providing out-call services.
However, the predominant ethnicity is Japanese women both catering for the demand of locals for J-
girls but also sex tourists looking for an authentic experience.
There are independent escorts as well as large agencies offering services by the hour. Uniquely, the
sex industry tend to employ direct marketing methods with flyers being delivered door to door for
their services on an almost daily basis. Many Japanese men claim that they would not use the services
of an escort unless they weren’t enticed into doing so by this method.
Image Clubs
Image clubs or aka knows are (imekura) are a really popular type of service mainly operating from
Tokyo. Catering to the Japanese demand for role play and fetish, these playful venues provide full
costume play, staging and props. There can be a varied number of scenarios catered for but by far the
most popular are based on offices and secretaries (or the boss), schools including gym changing
rooms and classrooms and doctors surgeries.

However, head and shoulders above the rest, and appealing to the Japanese fantasy of sex on public
transport is the train carriage. Rooms of some image clubs are completely modeled on an a train
carriage so that men can live out their fantasies of groping a stranger, maybe removing her
underwear and possibly getting a blowjob. We say ‘possibly’ as with a lot of these services, the end-
game for a lot of Japanese men isn’t the actual act of sexual intercourse or getting off; rather, it
seems to be just as satisfying to play the game.
Services can cost as little as few hundred USD whilst the elite clubs can charge as much as $3000.
Women who work in these exclusive clubs can earn as much as $5000 per month. Demanding more
than just sexual services, talented role play actresses who can really deliver an authentic experience
are in high demand.
Offering salary men the chance to unwind after work with a fully attended shower service, soaplands
are very popular establishments. You normally pay a bathing fee of anything from 20,000 YEN up to
around 50,000 YEN ($180-$450) which gives you 1-2 hours.

Most are based on a Turkish bath model but some feature more of a themed approach. The
Secretary’s Club in Tokyo, for instance, has attendants who do a full role play in costume as a

No Pan Shabu Restaurants
30 years ago, These ordinary restaurants are nothing special to the untrained eye until you realize
that none of the waitresses are wearing panties. Many have mirrored floors and for a tip, your
waitress may bend right over to give you an eyeful. The food is good but the views are better.
Pink Salons
Also known as blowjob bars or pinsaros, pink salons are quite common in Japan, particularly in the red
light areas of Tokyo. You will generally be touted long before you even reach the bar so most
foreigners will be fine. Set up for a quick suck only, the salons are usually quite open venues with little
privacy afforded in the budget bars. At best, you can expect a private booth but be prepared for as
little as a curtain screening you from the other customers.


The charges for a blowjob can vary depending on whereabouts you are in the city and what kind of
establishment you are at. However, you can expect to pay anywhere in the region of 3000-7000 YEN
($27-$60). Services are perfunctory and you should not expect more than oral service only. It would
be very rare indeed for anything other than a blowjob to be on offer. The girls are well-trained and
you can expect to be in and out within about ten minutes.
Lingerie Pubs
There is no full service on offer at these bars but in a lot of venues girls will sit on laps and French kiss
customers with the possibility of a hand job. But Yes, these places are exactly what you think they are.
Bars where staff work in their finest and sexiest underwear.
Karaoke Bars/KTV
KTVs or Karaoke bars are hugely popular across parts of Asia with Japan being no different. Often
known as piano bars, these venues are similar to hostess bars but centre on the activity of karaoke.
Paid for by the hour, you can arrange for a private room with one or more women to join you for
company. They are paid to attend you and often provide additional services whilst you enjoy the
experience of a night out with or without friends. There are quite a few foreigner friendly KTVs in
Japan, catering for the big demand of businessman looking for an authentically Asian experience.

Club Ananda in Akasaka is a European friendly bar and has a clear and easy to understand pricing
system. They offer quite a few ethnicities in the hostesses available and the place is frequented by a
lot of Eastern Europeans including Russians as well as Americans and English.
Erotic Massage Parlors
Most of the cities in Japan have adult massage services which can vary from independent masseurs
(often escorts) who will provide out-call services to your hotel to walk-in salons. Those that provide
sexual services are often known by other names which can include ‘love lounges’, ‘love stations’ or
simply ‘erotic massage’.In Tokyo, you can find the most abundant choice in sexy massage with a range
of clubs offering everything from a rub and tug to full service.
Just as many venues don’t always except foreigners for service, there are venues which cater for non-
Japanese men. This is usually explicit from the shopfront with signs stating ‘No Foreigners’ being in
English as well as other Asian languages. Again, don’t take this personally, there are plenty of places
where your money will be welcome.
An hours massage costs in the region of 20,000 YEN ($185); a happy ending can cost as little as $100.
In recent years, venues known as seikan esutes have been taking more business. With budget prices
and instant availability, touts tend to work around the red-light areas for these places. A word of
caution though: a lot of these venues are staffed by Chinese or Korean women and the experience is
not as high-end as you would expect from a Japanese massage salon. The emphasis being on

customer service and a satisfying GFE with Japanese girls. However, if you want to pay less for less
then you still get same result, right?
Strip Clubs
Strip clubs in Japan are similar to those found in the rest of the world. You can expect erotic cabaret
style entertainment with Japanese and non-Japanese dancers. The waitresses are scantily clad and
you can get lap dances from your choice of dancers in a private room or booth. Largely attended by
salary men and visiting businessmen, strip clubs can be found in all the major cities.
Juso Music in Osaka is a good venue, DX Kabukicho and Club Roaring 20s in Tokyo and Confidential in
Roppong are also popular strip clubs.
Most venues offer packages which include drinks on top of an entrance fee with discounts being
available during quieter periods.
Fashion Health Clubs
Similar to soaplands, fashion health clubs provided attended before and after shower experiences
with a hand job or blow job being performed in a private cubicle. Prices vary from $45 to $200
depending on the establishment, type of service and caliber of attendant.
Date Clubs
For men want to experience FS without the possible stigma of using a prostitute use what’s known as
date clubs. Usually used by richer men, the clubs charge membership fees as well as introduction fees
plus date fees. Paid to the girl directly, date fees seem similar to what you would pay a hooker with
the rest being a cost normally levied to the brothel. If it seems like a brothel or escort service, then
don’t be confused because that’s exactly what it is…just call it a date club to avoid offending anyone.
Whilst it would be misleading to call them ordinary, you can simply check out an ‘ordinary’ brothel to
receive full service whilst in Japan. Known as sex or escort clubs the whorehouses of Japan by no
means offer a simple menu. Most try to appeal to the sense of play that is inherent within the sex
industry of Japan and incorporate something else with their services. Whether this is themed rooms,
costume play or doubling up as a soapland or image club, brothels in Japan are a hit to the senses.
In Osaka, you can try the Osaka Maugee Escort Club and in Tokyo hit up the Nipponbashi
International Head Shop. Both have a good range of girls, services and are gaijin friendly.