Japanese rules

Japanese rules

Japanese escort service has rules.
The most important rule is that you must not have sex.
Please note that it is illegal in Japan.

Also, don't do anything that girls hate. Some girls have to pay.
If you are worried, please check with the store.

Japanese stores often take a shower before receiving service.
That is to protect hygiene.
Please note that services may not be available for hotels without showers.

Japanese escort service does not bareback when doing Brojob.
If you are worried about venereal disease, ask a girl for a condom.
Of course, you can prepare yourself.

Payment for escort service is upfront.
In the case of outcall, give the money to the girl and the accompanying staff when the girl comes.
In the case of incall, give it to the shop staff.
There are shops that accept credit cards and smart payments, but many shops only handle cash.
The fee is about 20,000 yen per 60 minutes.
High-end stores are more expensive, but the average escort service costs around 20,000 yen for 60 minutes.

Japanese shops and girls cannot speak English.
It is a good idea to prepare a translation application.

And when calling a girl on outcall, check that your hotel does not ban the escort service.
If you are not sure, ask the escort service staff.