Play safety

Play safety

Check out a few things to play safely.

Let's drink a little.
It is easy to get into trouble if you drink a lot of alcohol.

sex is illegal.
Japanese escort service is illegal to have sex.
If you can't keep the law, you can lose a lot of money.
Beware that you may be arrested by police.

Don't go to unknown stores
Japan is a safe country. But some people are bad. You may be waiting for you in an illegal shop.
Note that if you go to an illegal store you can lose a lot of money.
When you receive the escort service, be sure to check it on the web.

About sexually transmitted diseases
Japanese escort service stores regularly test for venereal diseases.
However, 100% check is not possible. Married women who are worried about venereal diseases should ask the store when making a reservation.
It is also effective to use a condom when playing.
Be careful when kissing in winter, as you may get a cold.